Rugs and Runners

A new rug added to your room will bring comfort, warmth and style to your home.

Why not set off your new wooden floor or carpet with one of our beautifully hand knotted, hand tufted or modern machine made rugs. We have many traditional and contemporary designs on display in our showrooms.

Pop into our showroom as we have a large selection of rugs for you to feel and also smaller samples to choose from that will really set the room off. Or if you have a rug in mind please call us to see if we can help with your enquiry.

We also offer a rug making service. Choose a carpet that you would like or an end of roll remnant we have in the shop. Choose a boarder; whether is be a whipped edge or a cotton/suede/leather boarder tape. Work out the size you want the rug to be; we will have it cut to size and made up in a few short weeks.

This service also applies to stair runners; we will personally measure the stairs and you can choose the width of the runner and what style you want the finish to be. A stair runner with a smart finished boarder gives an elegant and distinguished effect.

Stair runner Raevel